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in the form of cigarette tax avoidance. >> reporter: the alleged masterminds, two palestinian immigrants. they have possible commissions to the blind sheikh serving a life sentence for his role in a 1993 plot to carry out attacks in new york city. >> we know they've been used in the past to support terrorist groups and otherwise in the world. >> reporter: the brothers and 14 other suspects formed a lucrative illegal operation, buying large amounts from a cigarette bhoal saler. an accomplice in the n new york would then drive thousands of miles to delaware and give the brothers cash for the cigarettes. >> cigarette smuggling can produce big profits with well reeltively low risk. >> reporter: the brothers made $55 million in illegal cigarette sales, costing the state of new york $80 million in lost profit. >> we're going make sure there are no businesses in maryland that are associated with these two individuals. >> reporter: but wjz has learned samri ramadan owned 7 businesses in ocean city the millions of dollars are in the custody of new york police, and investigators are following its
's health care over haul. since the irs will be responsible for taxes individuals harris says the scandal proves that the agency needs less power, not more. the irs is currently under investigation for allegedly targeting tea party groups. >>> a pretty great afternoon. let's take a live look outside. what a big change from yesterday afternoon. we have clouds, a little bit of rain and definitely cooler temperatures. let's check in with chelsea ingram live with an updated look at first dating live doppler radar. it started at my house around 2:00 or 3:00. >> we had a little bit of drizzle move through but that's all we saw earlier today. we've been drying out. we will get more rain headed our way. over the past 2 hours we had a little drizzle around the metro area. more rainfall down over on the eastern shore and in western maryland. we'll get some more rainfall working its way as we head into the over hour. temperatures are on the cool side, around 62 degrees in baltimore and 63 in hagerstown. we do have warmer temperatures though out wards the midwest. 82 degrees in kansas city. that's so
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Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3